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Maximize engagement, daily revenue, and global reach with Ota Media - Digital Performance Agency’s innovative rewards-based ad solutions.

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Offer Wall

Offer Wall

Users choose to earn rewards from their favorite apps, games, and websites by completing quick actions, like downloading apps or watching videos.

Offer Wall

Market Research

To earn more rewards, users complete a short profile and then receive targeted surveys based on their lifestyle and demographic makeup.

Offer Wall

Owned & Operated Properties

With high-quality instream video and display, and deliver superior rewards-based brand engagement and user monetization.

Get Started in Minutes

Our lightweight SDK, iFrame, and API allow you to quickly plug our rewarding solutions into your website, app, or game.

Native SDK
Quick Set Up

Exclusive Solutions

We’re ahead of the pack when it comes to rewards, with industry firsts for better engagement, monetization, and global user acquisition.

Excellent Support

From 24-hour user response time, to tailored monetization recommendations, to frequent campaign optimization, we provide stellar support.

Excellent Support


We’ve got plenty of documentation, as well as actual humans, to help you along the way.

The Most Options to Earn

Users can watch hand-picked videos, download apps, participate in high-paying market research surveys, or choose from a wide array of offers to earn rewards.

he Most Options To Earn
Account Management

Account Management

Your dedicated account manager will help maximize earnings, produce better ROI, and provide any other support that you need.

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“After constant growth of user engagement a few months in a row, we still find the space to grow with Ota Media - Digital Performance Agency. Their team is very responsive, willing to help and one of the best publisher networks to work with! Our users love to engage with Ota Media - Digital Performance Agency rewards!”

Rok Gamex

Rok Jeseničnik


“Ota Media - Digital Performance Agency has been a great partner over the last two years. We have worked closely together to increase and improve the quality and performance of traffic, and it has been a pleasure doing business together.”

David Rubio

David Rubio


“Our users love the addition of offer walls in our app, which have boosted our user retention and acquisition metrics across the board. Ota Media - Digital Performance Agency is one of the best partners we work with.”

Jay Chung

Jay Chung


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